Decision free execution.

Remove the emotion and guess work from your organization's decision making processes and execute with precision.

We live in time of unprecedented volatility.
A world of unpredictable change.

  • The cost of a croissant in France has increased 10X since 2020.

  • The price of electricity is doubling every 3 years.

  • The US:
 20M millionaires.

    100 million infants on welfare.


    Develop a playbook of pre-determined actions and execute without emotion.

    More Agile.


    Move quickly when opportunity knocks, or a threat emerges.


    Execute with precision based on your organization's unique objectives and executional parameters–exactly what, when and how much.

    More Precise.
    More Actionable.


    Pre-planned, pre-approved, and budgeted for in advance, so you're ready to act.


    Key stakeholder engagement throughout the process ensures organizational alignment.

    More Accountable.

    in the chaos.

    Sift helps filter out the noise and unnecessary in the sea of information influencing your business.

    The knowledge to make you smarter.

    We dig deeper to bring insight in the moment.

    War is dirty business

    The Russia-Ukraine war has reminded us that war is indeed a dirty business.

    Urban Farming

    Future of Food

    Climate Change: Natural or Human caused Crisis

    They say that the only thing constant in this world is change.

    Covid: The Reprise

    An attempt to bring some clarity amidst the chaos

    Seaweed Market Scan - Dec 6, 2022

    Scottish Government report predicts that Scotland's seaweed industry could reach a total turnover of 71.2m GBP per year by 2040, if backed and given chance to grow.

    Energy Market Scan - Sep 1st 2022

    It is a question on many investors' minds: "Have crude oil prices finally reached their lowest point, or is there room for further decline?"