our identity

relentless information gatherers,

custom analysis addicts,

but foremost: perpetual learners.


Prashant has been involved with the dairy upstream business beginning from farm economics through dairy processing technology. He builds on his passion for the farm and seeks to build economic value for every participant involved in the value chain and has grown into specializing in Client and Market Development. Having worked with clients on all continents, Prashant guides product development and cultivates client relationships.

 Prashant Tripathi 


Anup has worked across continents and markets with the goals of understanding through exploration and analysis built from unique techniques and perspectives.  After years in corporate, he decided to sow a team together with the goal of growing a new type of firm.  Here at Solera Advisors, success is measured by cultivating wealth for generations at a pace that keeps up with the demands of agriculture. 

 Anup Singh 


Don can chart his life events through his memory of over three decades of raw sugar’s market price. Through the expanse of his career and exposure to multiple volatility cycles, he has built and grown complex multi-market commodity buying and risk management programs. He is an avid traveler and gleans his market sense through studying merchant flows and visiting with upstream and downstream agricultural markets in South America, Europe and Asia. Along with mentoring the team, Don strategizes growing a world-class risk advisory practice.

 Donald Gordon 


Tony developed his expertise in monetizing market volatility and specializes in portfolio risk management organization and strategy for businesses with exposure to commodity markets. He has lived in Asia, US and Europe while working in energy markets, and currently lives in Oxford UK and actively evaluates the frontier of quantitative methods and computational techniques.

 Dr Tony West  


Sharif started in commodity markets amidst the turmoil of the great financial crisis and has been involved with the design and development of information assets that have stood the test of market change. Having lived in and worked with businesses in the US, Europe and Asia, he has developed a keen sense of commodity markets, the participants and decision practices. Sharif spent a year’s sabbatical exploring the vast topographically diverse countryside of India choosing to survive on the generosity of strangers. Sharif engineers the analytical infrastructure while experimenting with data science techniques.

 MD Sharif